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Wind power

Wind power in Spain breaks new instantaneous power record


Wind energy in Spain has reached a new peak instantaneous power output: 14,962 MW. The milestone came at almost exactly 14:46 on 9 November, surpassing the record set the previous day by 13.5%. That same day also saw maximum hourly and daily energy outputs being exceeded, with 14,752 MW and 315,258 MWh, respectively.

According to the Spanish electricity system operator, Red Eléctrica de España (REE), instantaneous wind power output reached a new historical maximum of 14,962 MW at 14:46 on 9 November. The maximum is 13.5% higher than the previous record registered the day before. The same day, maximum hourly and daily energy outputs were also exceeded, with 14,752 MW and 315,258 MWh, respectively.

Between half past ten in the morning and twenty to five in the afternoon on the 8 November, wind output did not fall below 12,000 MW at any time. It also did not fall below 10,991 MW between that time and eight in the morning on 9 November.

Between ten past two and ten past three in the morning, this clean technology covered 53% of mainland electricity demand. While between one thirty and six o'clock in the morning, it covered over 50% of demand. During that period, there was only a very short-lived slight drop (down to 49%), lasting around 20 minutes.

During the highest peak in demand on 8 November, namely at ten to eight in the evening, when demand rose to 37,500 MW, 11,026 MW were produced by wind power, i.e. 27% of the total.

During November, total power output from renewable energy sources accounted for 33.3% of total generation. So far this year, renewable energy sources have contributed 34.4% of total electricity generated in Spain.

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